Analysis: PITEBA Oil Extractor Design Element

I recently came across the website for Piteba oil extractors
  • The extractors are hand powered mechanical extractors (seperators) for nuts/seeds and oil
  • As a hand powered device they fit in with my manual production philosophy
  • This is a basic cost comparison and review of the ability to produce hazelnut oil
  • As a concept it could apply to any other nut/seed oil

  • The mind map below shows my design element analysis for home oil extraction
 Click on the mindmap for a larger view
  • Following the above analysis I will be purchasing a Piteba oil extractor as a design element.  I just wish I had a plant nursery and an area to plant nut trees
  • I would start collecting cuttings and bringing them on in the nursery and at the same time start preparing the area where the trees would finally be planted

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"As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The person who grasps principles can successfully select their own methods. The person who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble." Adapted from Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Above all else learn to communicate and collaborate"
"Seek to understand and provide not to pursuade"
"A permaculturalist lives by the ethics, a permaculture designer is a permaculturalist who consciously implements the principles"
"An idea is not a design"
"An idea is a response to a perceived need; an interface between subconscious and conscious "
"Design first, plan second"
"State the obvious, so everybody knows the obvious"
"Permawash - Taking anything from history, religion, culture, thoughts in your phking head and saying this is permaculture (design)" Pippi 201005
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