Design: Toolkit

  • My permaculture design toolkit utilises my current skills, knowledge and experience and includes areas of focus and the tools I implement when working on life and design
  • The mind map below shows a personal analysis of my toolkit, specifically for home and land based use. It is not intended to be conclusive


Design: Limiting Factors

  • A limiting factor is a facet/element/entity/resource/input etc... of a site that influences the design for a particular site
  • Only immutable factors cannot be changed or developed, all other factors can be improved and evolved over time with the design
  • Not all limiting factors apply to all sites/scenarios
  • A limiting factor maybe and excess or a deficit of a resource
  • The mind map below shows notes on limiting factors, specifically for land based use

Design: Water

  • The importance of water can not be overstated
  • Water is a limiting factor for any sustainable design
  • All ecological processes are dependent on water, without water all processes stop and all flora and fauna eventually die
  • The mind map below shows notes on water, specifically for land based use

Random notes

Paraphrases, short form stories and original thoughts

"As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The person who grasps principles can successfully select their own methods. The person who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble." Adapted from Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Above all else learn to communicate and collaborate"
"Seek to understand and provide not to pursuade"
"A permaculturalist lives by the ethics, a permaculture designer is a permaculturalist who consciously implements the principles"
"An idea is not a design"
"An idea is a response to a perceived need; an interface between subconscious and conscious "
"Design first, plan second"
"State the obvious, so everybody knows the obvious"
"Permawash - Taking anything from history, religion, culture, thoughts in your phking head and saying this is permaculture (design)" Pippi 201005
"Design is part of an implementation feedback loop; Design can be thought of as the problem resolution phase/stage/pattern/process/system"
"She'll be right" a euphemism for "we won't be around when this becomes a problem!"
"She will not be right unless shes done right"